1. Source: Energy Sage
    11 Mar, 2019
    Why Solar Shingles Aren't An Affordable Choice; Yet.
    We often get asked about the Tesla Solar Roof. We LOVE the idea of the solar shingle, but unfortunately, the price point and efficiency are not there yet. One day we will see this technology become as affordable as the traditional solar panels, but this may be quite far in the future. Take a look at these graphs provided by Energy Sage that outline the difference between Tesla panels and traditional solar panels. You can see in these two scenarios that the price you will pay for the solar
  2. How Does Solar Work?
    22 Jan, 2019
    How Does Solar Work?
    Did you know that the sun produces more energy in one hour than the entire human population uses in one year? THAT is impressive! Solar is becoming more and more prevalent in our communities, and when it comes to upfront savings, solar might be the most economical and efficient way to not only put money back in your pocket, but to create an investment into your home. If you’re like most people, you know about solar, but you have questions. Let’s answer a few of the most common ones. HOW DO