Tap Into The Power
Of The Sun!


Can Renewable Energy 
REALLY Save Us Money?

Case Studies
San Antonio, TX
  • Size of Home: 1,287 sqft.
  • Solar System Size: 4.68kW
  • Utility Offset: 75 - 99% 
  • Date Installed: December 2013
  • Avg. Annual Savings: $803
  • Return On Investment: 11.6%

Annual Savings:

  • Size of Home: 2,237 sqft.
  • Solar System Size: 9.9kW
  • Utility Offset: Not listed
  • Date Installed: November 2017
  • Avg. Annual Savings: $1,487
  • Return On Investment: 9.5%

Annual Savings:

El Paso, TX
  • Size of Home: 2,000 sqft.
  • Solar System Size: 15.34kW
  • Utility Offset: 100% 
  • Date Installed: February 2016
  • Avg. Annual Savings: $2,900
  • Return On Investment: 7.9%

Annual Savings:

How Does Solar
Work On My Home?

The Solar Panels will absorb sunlight that creates an energy flow.

The energy is passed into an Inverter that turns it into electricity that can be used in your home.

Your home will use the electricity created by the solar panels first.

 If you need more than you make, you can pull it from the utility grid. If you make more than you need, you can send it back to the grid for credit.

Sound too simple? You got me... there is also some sciency stuff with electrons and currents.
If you want the nerdy explanation, click here