What are people saying about their solar power?

T. Johnston, Lubbock, TX

Why solar?   I was interested in the Federal Tax Credit. Also, it makes sense to stop paying for electricity, and I like how it looks! 

How was your experience with your consultant?    We were best friends by the time they left. They weren't intimidating, and I felt they were there for me and my home, not out for themselves. They explained how solar would be a good fit for my home. They were 2 good Christian men.

How was your experience with the financing process?    I was amazed to find out that it cost nothing down to get solar.

How was your experience with the installers?    They cleaned up their work site, and left it just like they found it, and they were very nice.

What are you hoping to get from switching to solar?     The ability to be comfortable. Warm in the winter and cool in the summer, and not worry about the bill changing. I don't like having to worry about what my thermostat is set on all the time.


B. Shannahan, Fort Worth, TX

Martha was our solar energy advisor and is an asset to your company. She is knowledgeable, and set up the paperwork with little delay. I also appreciated her followup with the GreenSky folks and a billing issue which arose last week, which she corrected within a week. 


Munoz Family, Lubbock, TX

Why did you choose to get solar panels?

  We wanted to make an investment for our home and our children, and personally, I think it's the future so why not get ahead of it.

What was the "sales" experience like?

  It was very easy and didn't take much work on our end. Our sales person was very thorough.

What is your expectation of your savings?

  Our particular energy company has gone up on rates, and this investment will pay off in the long run.